Cash Discounts

Incetivise your Customers

Stop Paying Processing Fees

Are Credit Card Fees Killing You? Ouch. Eliminate Those Fees with FlatZero Processing. You can offer a reduced price for transactions tendered with cash - just enough so you still cover your costs - and never lose money on credit card sales again.


Take Advantage of Cash Discounts

Your monthly processing bills are increasing and always will unless you take control.  Card usage is now up to 90% at some locations.  Face it.  Even with a menu price increase, processing takes a bite. Other factors out of your control are that Visa raises rates and there are always more fees from somewhere.  Ask us how to make the pain stop.

Complete Integration into Arrow POS

The math happens on the POS. You do not have to add a fee charge item on check, which means that an order taker can't forget to add that line item.

Single Page Statements

Are you tired of confusing processing statements? I bet you don't even look anymore since they make no sense.  For Cash Discounting, you can have easy to read one page statements.

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Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.

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