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Your Own Centralized Call Center

Picture this... you have numerous locations and would like your own centralized ordering system.  All customer order calls are routed to your call center where trained specialists in a quiet environment answer and calmly take the order.  Why are chains and franchises doing this?

Labor Efficiency:  Instead of having employess in all locations at the same time, you staff your call center based on the combined hourly call volume.

Order Accuracy:  A call center professional can answer the phones more quickly simply because they are not being distracted by all the in-store commotion.  They will also know your menu much better and get the orders right.

Professional Customer Interaction:  Your call center employees are very well trained to handle all aspects of customer service from taking orders to complaints.

Customer Retention:  Have you ever considered the impact of a customer calling your store and getting an inexperienced teenager try to place the order?  Yes, your phone was answered but the customer may never call back.

Minimize Store Mayhem:  No phones ringing, less in-store employees, and nobody flying around to handle those phones.  Imagine how much better the kitchen would operate if it was just a production environment concentrating on feeding your customers.

Centralized Call Center

A one-number system or have all stores call routed to one-number.  Best for large chains and franchises.

Dispersed Order Taking

Any store can place an order on another store.  Best for small chains.

Agnostic Call Center

Create a business to handle many locations with different concepts, different food types, and many locations.

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