Point of Sale

Makes Training a Breeze

A Business Management System for You

Easy-to-use, fully integrated POS solution. ArrowPOS is the ideal solution for your business, with all the features you need to run your day-to-day operations. Whether you own a small mom and pop, high-volume operation, or a franchise operation. Arrow has the features and functions to help you reach peak efficiency.

Secure Integrated Payments

Use P2P Encryption to keep you and your customers safe from data breaches.

Flexible Multiple Menus

Create up to 3 different menus for food, bar, catering.  Multiple price levels for specialized contracts, like a university or large business. 

Multiple payment types

EMV, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Gift Cards, eGift.

Cash Discount Processing

Drastically reduce monthly processing fees by incentivising cash payments.

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Simple Detailed Reporting

Make Training easier and keeps employees up to speed with valuable, actionable, real-time information from every aspect of the business

Flexible & Agile System

Grants the ability to manage multiple service types, and easily adapt as the business grows while allowing owners to have different concepts using the same system.

Loyalty Reward Program

Increase your customer frequency and engagement while creating intuitive offers based on what, how, and when your customers typically order, giving them the best offers right when they are looking for them.

Kitchen Efficiency

Arrow has tremendous flexibility for kitchen printing whether on paper or with kitchen display systems.

Cloud Enabled, Not Dependent

Arrow harnesses the advantages of the cloud without relying on it for every day operartions.  In other words, you stay running if cloud access fails.


Customers Ordering Options

Customers Choose How They Order

Your customers want to order how they want to order.  Some will only call, others will only use online.  Give them Freedom of Choice.

Ordering can appear to be complex, and some POS systems are really hard to figure out.  Arrow makes it easy and training both your employees and customers to place orders is simple.

Suggestive Sales Order Entry

Engage your employees to upsell on every order with a suggested item that pops up on their screen to entice the customer.

Price Codes

Set up an entirely different pricing model and adjust an entire check’s pricing at the touch of a button.

3rd Party Integrations

Do you use Door Dash, GrubHub and the like? Ditch all the tablets on your counter and top the double order entry. Get your 3rd Party orders printed in the kitchen automatically.

Dynamic Discounts

Customize discounts to eliminate over discounting.

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Multi-Channel Ordering

Today more than ever, customers reach for technology to place their orders. Give customers the ability to order through multiple channels. Arrow has apps like Ordercraze Vivid Online Ordering, Customer Mobile Apps, and 3rd Party integrations to give your customers the ordering options they prefer.

Tableside Ordering and Waitlist

Save the walks back to the POS on a busy night.  Faster order entries mean faster service which equals a happier customer. Keep your servers on the floor placing orders and engaging with customers and use iNotify to utilize a table waitlist that texts the customer when their table is ready.

Customer Kiosks

Add a virtual cashier to the lobby or front counter that won’t call in sick or ask for a raise. Sometimes you just need a little extra help during the rush to relieve the pressure and generate more orders to get your ovens at capacity.

iNotify/Curbside 2Go

Whether it is a pickup, curbside, delivery, or table that someone is waiting for this messaging platform puts you at the top of the service game. Keep your lobby circulating and your phones ringing for orders with no questions about delivery times. 

Kitchen Display System

Scrap the paper and the lost tickets under the table. Manage your average order time at a glance and recall previous checks swiftly in the kitchen. Fast service does matter.

Customizable printer Setting

We have over 70 different printer settings for you to choose your style of kitchen ticket printing

Driver Control

Optimize Delivery Routes and Get the Most Out of Each Run

Driver Control with the Driver App

Controlling customer expectations involves controlling drivers. Contact your drivers from the Driver Dispatch screen. Track them live with our exclsuive driver app, iDrive.  Check them out quickly and know your money is right.

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Complete Driver Summary

Easy checkout for drivers makes settling up at the end of their shift, particularly adding credit card tips.  We automatically do the math for credit cards, gift cards, house accounts, and other payment types.

“ON THE WAY” Messages

Automated messages at dispatch letting the customer know the food has left the building.

Driver Navigation Links

Quick hyperlinks are sent to your drivers giving them the full power of their mobile device’s navigational ability.

Driver App

A mobile hub for delivery drivers from items on a check, to GPS tracking, navigation, reminders, and mileage. Make delivery a powerful concept for your restaurant. The app will text the customer when the driver is close.

DoorDash - Door Drive Integrated

Short Drivers or need some relief for a few hours? Request a DoorDash driver with the touch of a button. Sometimes everybody needs a little help.

Driver Item Reminders

DON’T FORGET THESE ITEMS messages at dispatch and push notifications through the phone and Driver app. Give your drivers the checklist they need so they don't miss such commonly forgotten things as drinks, salads, and desserts.

Big Screen Driver Mapping

Usually mounted high, this is heads-up display of every delivery ticket on a map, and color-coded based on promise time.  This allows you to optimize delivery routes and get the most out of each run. With iDrive, this screen will display your drivers location on the map.

iDrive - Live Driver Tracking

iDrive is an on-phone app that tracks drives routes, notifies customers of arrival, tracks actual miles driven, and notifies store where drivers are on the Mapping Screen.

Cash Discounts

Incetivise your Customers

Stop Paying Processing Fees

Are Credit Card Fees Killing You? Ouch. Eliminate Those Fees with FlatZero Processing. You can offer a reduced price for transactions tendered with cash - just enough so you still cover your costs - and never lose money on credit card sales again.


Take Advantage of Cash Discounts

Your monthly processing bills are increasing and always will unless you take control.  Card usage is now up to 90% at some locations.  Face it.  Even with a menu price increase, processing takes a bite. Other factors out of your control are that Visa raises rates and there are always more fees from somewhere.  Ask us how to make the pain stop.

Complete Integration into Arrow POS

The math happens on the POS. You do not have to add a fee charge item on check, which means that an order taker can't forget to add that line item.

Single Page Statements

Are you tired of confusing processing statements? I bet you don't even look anymore since they make no sense.  For Cash Discounting, you can have easy to read one page statements.


Access Real-Time Insights

Make Better Business Decisions

Reporting made easy. ArrowPOS takes data from all sales to automatically generate reports you can use in your business. Instead of spending hours making these reports, you can utilize your time for other aspects of your business.


Report Sharing

Get the accountant what they need quickly and easily email reports directly from the system in various formats.

Customer Tracking

Get your customers back.  Collect everything from addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses giving you the data you need to design targeted offers for higher frequency visits.

Perpetual Inventory

Food cost is a number, not a guess.  Manage your inventory all the way down to the recipe, track pars, create order sheets, track incoming orders.

Menu Item Sales Analysis

Some items move, some do not.  Take the guess work out of menu optimization. 

Enterprise HQ

Look at your business with a whole new lens. Cloud-based reporting gives you all the data you could ever want with charts, graphs, and reports to help simplify your decisions as an owner.

Google analytics

Get to know your digital customer base so you can market to them the way they prefer to see you to increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Credit Card Transactions

We understand that you need credit card processing to succeed. Of course we do that, and do it very well.


Powerful Marketing Tools


Arrow gives you the tools to rock your sales with minimal effort. You dont need to be a marketing wizard to use our intuitive strategies.

Loyalty Rewards Powered by Repeat Returns

Repeat Returns by Kamron Karington is perhaps the most powerful sales driving engine ever developed. Arrow has a seamless interface designed to capture the power of Repeat Returns.

Increase your customer frequency and engagement. Create intuitive offers based on what, how, and when your customers typically order. Giving them the best offers right when they are looking for them.

  • Rewards portal right in the POS
  • Automated for simplicity
  • Branded and Customized Content
  • Targeted and intelligently timed offers 
  • Big Spender notifications
  • Customer Surveys
  • Community Letters
  • Social Media Offers
  • Opt-in Text offers
  • Complete integration with Arrow, Ordercraze Vivid Online Ordering, and customer mobile app
  • Cost-Effective and quantifiable


Attract new customers through community partnerships and turn your slow days into exciting events that boost revenue.

Gift Card Marketing

Run traffic-driving gift card campaigns with a huge redemption rate to help your business grow.

Attract New Customers

We have integrated many advanced features in Arrow POS+POM to inexpensively and powerfully lure new customers through your doors.

Keep New customers coming back

Now that you have them, keep them. The average customer frequents their favorite restaurant twice per month. If you can pull them back one more time per month, you will see a 50% increase in your sales.

Cost Effective Marketing with Repeat Return

Many Arrow POS+POM clients are now investing less money in their marketing efforts and achieving greater results. The money they save is called "profit".


Track your Employees at the Touch of a Button

Easy Employee Management

ArrowPOS is a point of sale system that offers time and attendance software. Track employee hours, offset wasted employee time with accurate scheduling and manage overtime costs with an employer software solution.

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Time Clock

You can use ArrowPOS to punch in and out of shifts, manage employee time and attendance, and track over time.

Scheduling - Two Options

Arrow has a built in employee scheduling feature that works well.  For those who want a premium scheduling system, we have also integrated 7Shifts.  Their incredible features can be found at 7Shifts.com.

Employee Messaging

Need to message your employees individually, by job type, or all at the same time? ArrowPOS point of sale system includes a unique time employee messaging feature.

Customized Access levels

Customize access levels for employees and managers.

Track Drivers Insurance Expiration

Last thing you need is to have a driver ger into an incident just to discover their insurance is expired. Track it,

Multiple job types and pay rates for a single employee

Employees can have multiple jobs and pay rates, so you can track the hours and cost for each of them independently.


Tracking your Inventory has Never Been Easier

Complete Inventory Control

Manage your inventory with a point-of-sale system that integrates with all aspects of your business. With ArrowPOS’s reliable and fast inventory software, you can keep an accurate account of your products. The easy-to-use interface allows you to track item movement from purchase order to sale with mobile scanning and purchase order management.

Complete inventory Tracking

Complete control means maximum profits. Food costs are higher than ever, and managing your inventory properly will keep the profit that you are making from walking out the door.

Food Cost

This feature makes it easy to quickly review food costs. Simply search the database by date, location, or menu item.

Recipe Builder

The Recipe Builder makes it easy for restaurant owners to set up their menu and quickly add items to the ticket.

Set Par Levels

Set par-levels for your stock items, and ArrowPOS will remind you when any of your time or quantity set par-levels are approaching or have been reached.

Create Count Sheets

Our point of sale system will help you create count sheets, so you won't have to manually count your merchandise.

Manage your Variance

Use our variance feature to track issues, resolutions, and identify areas for process improvement.

Hot Items

A visual count on every item that counts down to keep you aware of what you have on hand.


Transactions Have Never Been Easier

Quick Easy Payments

It's all about your money and Arrow Integrated Payments handles that seamlessly.

PCI, and DSS Certified

Point-to-Point Encrypted (P2Pe) for Your Security

EMV Enabled


Point to Point Encryption

You can ensure that your customers’ data is safe from fraudsters with encrypted payment technology.

Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay

Offer multiple payment options to your customers

Gift Cards

Both standard and eGift available

Cash Discounts

Radically lower your monthly processing fees by motivating customers to pay with cash. 


Collect Critical Customer Information

Keep your Customers Content

To own your customers you need to track their details, order history, various addresses, variuos phone numbers. Having this information is critical for day to day operations, plus gives the ability to promote and reward your best customers, and keep an eye on their spending habits. They are your customers.  Know them. Keep them.

Customer Profile both online and in Arrow POS

Customer information is crucial for creating a clear difference between you and your competitors. Create customer awareness with your employees and drive exceptional service on a first-name basis.

  • Define Customer Type - Residential, Business, Hotel
  • Track Customer Credits
  • Tax Exempt
  • Customer Notes
  • Driver Instructions 
  • House Accounts
  • Complete Order History - Repeat Last Order
  • Multiple addresses and phone numbers
  • Ability to Email Invoices and Tickets from the POS. 
Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.34.19 PM
Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.33.56 PM

Advanced Printing Options

Automated Tax Generation

Perfect Kitchen Communication

Taking orders is one thing.  If you want the food made correctly, communication to the kitchen is also infinitely important. Arrow has very advanced printing options for kitchen clarity.

Kitchen Make Line Tickets

Kitchen tickets can take many forms:

  • Different profiles by Service Type - To Go, Pickup, Delivery, Expediter
  • Table Service tickets will only print items as they are coursed, not the whole ticket
  • Expediter Ticket - Entire check and necessary specifics for Pickup and Delivery

Make Line Monitors - typically called VDU or KDS

If you dont want paper tickets, use a make line monitor.  These can also be set up to differentiate by priority - To Go, Pickup, Delivery can be separated for timing.  They can also be set up to bump - print to cut table.

Box Label Printers

Some operators want box labels printer printed instead of paper tickets.  Many times these are used in conjunction with a Make Line Monitor.

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Your POS system should run your business more efficiently, and make your profits explode. You will be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You will build repeat business with incentives, keeping them coming back. And you will be right where the next generation of customers want you to be: Online and in social media.

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