Marketing White Papers

Is it Evolution or Revolution?

Introducing Point-of-Marketing

ArrowPOS+POM is the leader in an exciting new frontier of restaurant automation. We are the first developer to view technology advancements as an incredible opportunity to create a brand new concept, Point-of-Marketing (POM).

Why ArrowPOS+POM? Because just "POS" is not enough. ArrowPOS+POM helps you control your business and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

POS+POM is the merger of two unique business disciplines, Point-of-Sale (POS), and fully integrated/automated cash generating marketing features. Your customers have not changed, but the ways to touch them have.

  • Automated Rewards
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Online Ordering
  • Arrow Advanced Marketing Tools

If you are able to embrace these new marketing avenues, you can win the neighborhood battle for your customers' minds and appetites.

Read through our website and give the concepts some thought, then contact us to determine if ArrowPOS+POM is, or is not, right for you.

Think about this.

Are you wasting money? The purpose of marketing is to drive continual growth. If your sales are stagnant or losing ground, your current marketing program is simply not working.


Attract New Customers: We have integrated many advanced features in ArrowPOS+POM to lure new customers through your doors.

Keep Those Customers Coming Back: The average consumer frequents their favorite restaurant twice per month. If you can lure them back just one more time per month, you will see a 50% increase in your sales.

Simplicity: No owner has time to create or babysit a marketing program. The tools have to be simple or it won't get done.

Cost Effective: Many ArrowPOS+POM clients are now investing less money in their marketing and achieving greater results.

Quantify Results: Marketing should be an investment, not a cost. You must be able to see the return on investment of your marketing dollars.

ArrowPOS+POM has changed the Game, are you keeping up?

What if your POS system could not only run your business better, but actually make it grow? The integrated marketing tools of ArrowPOS+POM can help make it happen.

We'll show you how to be top-of-mind when your customers are thinking of food. You'll build repeat business with incentives that keep them coming back. And you'll be right where the next generation of customers wants you to be: online.

ArrowPOS+POM marketing features at a glance:

Arrow Online: It's a fact -- customers now expect the convenience of ordering food online, and billions of dollars of business are conducted that way. Get in the game before it's too late.

ArrowRewards, Powered by Repeat Returns: Want to build your business and get your customers to order more often? Then reward them. Velocity Rewards is a fully automated program that rewards customers and keeps them coming back. It is seamless, powerful, and requires minimal owner interaction.

Gift Cards: Traffic-driving gift card campaigns having a huge redemption rate and will grow your sales.

Advanced Marketing: Sophisticated yet simple tools for aggressive growth.

Quantifiable: Our marketing features report the return on investment. No more guessing about what actually works.

Here's just one example of extremely powerful low-maintenance marketing:

A local charity, church, or school asks for a donation. Instead of handing out cash or turning them away, how about offering them as much money as they want? ArrowPOS+POM provides you a very powerful feature to turn these folks into cash generating machines for both you and their organizations.

There are many ways ArrowPOS+POM makes marketing easy. Call us for a meeting or online demo.